Cloud Services
SKS provide cloud management services, deploying cloud infrastructure and cloud migration services.
Our cloud solutions improve customer experience, reduce costs and time, maximize resource utilization, and increase team accountability. We are focus on iterative development and continuous improvement and utilize multiple technologies to facilitate your business growth.


We are experts in planning and designing the most efficient and customized Quickbase process workflows to ensure that your business goals are met. We guide and advise you at every step of the Quickbase implementation process.

QuickBase Development and Support

Our experts have government and various industry experience in design, development, and implementation of the efficient Quick Base solutions. Quick Base’s governance tools enable our clients to manage users, roles, and permissions to ensure data integrity and security. Our certified professionals are highly capable of ensuring the solutions follow your standards and in compliance.

QuickBase Consulting

By Design Services: We can help you with the planning business process and transfer your idea
to the workflow and then from development to the implementation.

By Solution Area: We can assist you with custom application development, data integration,
automation, APIs, reporting and integration with other systems.

By Systems: CRM, Project Management, Executive Reporting, Accounting, Grants Management,
Supply Chain Management, Meeting/Conference Tracking, and Human Resources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SKS provides efficient solutions for their existing mainframe applications on AWS, with minimal impact to their end-customers and drives cloud adoption, governance, and compliance

AWS Development and Support

Cloud infrastructure is interchangeable and dynamic. We provide AWS application development, cloud migration, compute, storage, and data management services specific to client’s requirements and goals. We integrate mainframe systems with modern technology and work with organizations to modernize development practices, so they can improve efficiency and time-to-market.

AWS Consulting

By Design Services: TCO Model, Planning and Migration Design, Architecture Design, Platform Development & Testing.

By Solution Area: Application Development, EC2, AWS Lambda, Data Warehouse Modernization, Hybrid Cloud, Data Lake & Data Science Environments.

By Systems: Government, Healthcare, Financial Services and Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Azure and GCP Services

We provide scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities that deliver as a service using Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms (GCP). We focus on the cloud security and data compliance and can deliver its managed cloud services through either a traditional or DevOps approach, depending on the client’s needs and demands.

MS Azure and GCP Development and Support

SKS places a strong emphasis on helping customers migrate and modernize their applications onto the azure and google cloud, as well as helping to replace outdated client architectures with enterprise-grade cloud technologies.

MS Azure and GCP Consultancy 

By Design Services: TCO Model, Migration Design and Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Platform Development & Testing. By Solution Area: SharePoint & Office365 Development, Azure Functions, Google Workspace, Google Drive. Hybrid Cloud Solutions. By Systems: Government, CRMs, Data Management, Healthcare and Financial Services.

We strive to provide our clients with high-end products and services based on simple approach of:

  • Providing Customized Innovative Solutions
  • In Efficient and Effective Ways
  • With Industry Best Practices and Methodologies