Management Consulting
Project Management is the practice of applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to complete a project according to the specific task.
SKS provides a traditional system focuses on upfront planning and agile management that gives prominence to teamwork, customer collaboration, and flexibility. You will find predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches in our solutions.

Project Management Office (PMO) Services

SKS provides Project Management, Business Analysis and Quality Analysis services and we make ensure that your projects align perfectly with your organization strategy.

Project Management

The success of project depends on the people involved. Our experts will build and manage a team to plan, execute, and complete a project that is aligned to the business environment. We will:

  • Create a high-performance team.

  • Plan and manage the project.

  • Execute and access the project work.

  • Keep the team on track.

  • Keep the business environment in mind.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis Services, provides a solid framework and a strategic approach for everyone of your project. Our experts identify opportunities and improve existing internal and external processes.

Quality Analysis

Our experts implement the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance an high-quality project implementation thus delivering a software on time and within budget.

Peer Review and Grants Management

SKS possesses a comprehensive knowledge of federal grant reviews and the award process, including the complexities of scientific and technical reviews. Our solutions are categories by the Full Award Lifecycle Tasks, Pre-Award Phase, Award Phase and Post Award Phase. SKS is fully prepared to perform all the tasks including the following:

  • Recruiting and selecting reviewers.

  • Screening and reviewing proposals according to specific program and application requirements.

  • Developing and disseminating reviewer instructional materials; creating review forms.

  • Training reviewers

  • Making logistical arrangements for the panelist sessions.

  • Writing and editing summary statements.

  • Generating score reports.

  • Peer Review feedback to remote teams.

Our Solutions can include score standardization, rank order, and percentiles.

Conference and Logistics Management

The companies that provide logistical services are many, however the companies that provide these services effectively are few. SKS offers all levels of technology, as well as a concern for the mission of your program.

Additionally, our ability to scrupulously manage funding sets us apart and ahead. SKS is one of the rare firms that strives to exceed expectations, seek new solutions, and form a lasting partnership with its clients. At SKS, we have the skills and capability to manage the entire range of conference services SKS offers A -to-Z assistance with:

  • Conventions, conferences, workgroups and meetings

  • Symposia of all sizes, lengths, and locations

  • Pre-, onsite, and post-conference activities

  • Budget development, goal setting, site selection, travel and lodging

  • Marketing and registration, transcripts, exhibits and break-out sessions

  • Onsite and hybrid monitoring and management

With the rapid increase in the capacity to access web/video/satellite events, SKS can provide feasible options to achieve the unique goals of our clients.

We strive to provide our clients with high-end products and services based on simple approach of:

  • Providing Customized Innovative Solutions
  • In Efficient and Effective Ways
  • With Industry Best Practices and Methodologies